CSUS Hellenic Studies Lecture: Humanism in Ruins: Legacies of the Greek-Turkish Population Exchange

by admin, February 24, 2020

The Hellenic Studies Center at Sacramento State University is inviting you to a public lecture by Dr. Asli Iğsiz, Associate Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at New York University with the title “Humanism in Ruins: Legacies of the Greek-Turkish Population Exchange”.

The 1923 Greek-Turkish population exchange forcibly relocated one and a half million people: Muslims in Greece were resettled living in Turkey, and Greek Orthodox Christians living in Turkey were moved to Greece. This landmark event set a legal precedent for population management on the basis of religious or ethnic difference. Similar segregative policies—such as creating walls, partitions, and apartheids—have followed in its wake. Strikingly, the exchange was purportedly enacted as a means to achieve peace. In this lecture, Dr. Asli Iğsiz will map the links between liberal discourses on peace and the legacies of this forced migration.

The lecture will take place on Thursday, February 27, 6.30-7.30pm in the Petris Room (Library 3023), on the 3rd
floor on Sacramento State University’s library. The lecture will be followed by coffee/tea and desserts.


For more information you may contact Dr. Nikolaos Lazaridis at or 9162786234.

Parking permits for this event are available Here for download or on the Hellenic Studies Center’s Facebook group:

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