Images of Macedonia: From Antiquity to the Present

by admin, August 30, 0206


Is it possible to tell a story without pictures or words? Sacramento State’s exhibit of folk costumes from the Macedonian region of Greece illustrates that not only is that possible, it can be downright fascinating.

The costume exhibit, titled “Images of Macedonia: From Antiquity to the Present,” will be on display from Sept. 5 to Oct. 6 in the University’s Library Gallery. The exhibit illustrates the diversity of the region and tells the story of the history and culture of the
area. Presented by Sacramento State’s Hellenic Studies Program, the display will include costumes from Greek villages such as Florina, Naoussa, Alexandria and Orini.

Sacramento State professor and director of Hellenic Studies Katerina Lagos said clothing told a detailed story of a person then. “It was apparent where in Greece a person was from based on the detail of their clothing—embroidery and colors, among other features, were specific to the region. Ancient artwork is reflected in the 19th and 20th Century costumes. The clothing features really demarcate the history of the region and represent a cultural identity.”

The exhibit and lectures are made possible by the Tsakopoulos Foundation, the Annunciation Church of Sacramento and private
donations.  More information is available from Professor Lagos at  (916) 278-6206 or


Sept. 5 – Oct. 6


Open Daily: 10 am. – 5 pm, Tue-Sat


Sacramento State Library Gallery